Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A month of constant changes!

Not only do we chronicle your life here in this blog, but your daddy and I also have a Facebook page set up for you to alert anyone who wants in on all of the "up-to-date Baby G news" on the day to day happenings of one very active baby!  How active is this baby, you may ask?  Well, below are all of the status updates written by your dad and I... for one month's time.  ONE MONTH!  You're changing so quickly that we practically have a new thing to talk about to your adoring masses each and every day!  Enjoy!

*Baby G had her 15 month appointment a couple of weeks ago. Shots were had and not enjoyed by anyone. The big news? Baby G is in the 95% for height and the 92% for weight! Dang, girl! You're going to tower over your mom!

*Baby G is ramping up her chatter! Lots of trying to repeat words and names and sounds! Still trying to get her to differentiate between "wa-wa" for water/drink and "wa-wa" for her snack cup. Snack or puffs or food is apparently a little more difficult than "wa-wa", but she'll get there. :)

*Baby G tried her first merry-go-rounds this weekend and LOVED them. Having to get off of them at the end? That caused crying on a major level, unfortunately.

*Baby G is now sleeping with a blanket! It's a Yo Gabba blanket and, no, she doesn't really need it during Summer...but so far, so good!

*Baby G can find kitties on any picture or show or surface or cloud. It's a world of "nyah-nyahs" (as she calls them) for her!

*Every night Baby G tells her dolls goodnight with daddy. She has Mayor, Sir Didymus, Snorlax, Gizmo, Rainbow Brite, Hello Kitty, Stitch, Lenore, Fone Bone, Domo-kun, FizzGig, Batman, Wonder Woman, Wolfman, Spider-Man, Alf, Catbus and more she wishes off to dreamland. Oh, and the cat on her calendar. Whatever month that might be. By "tells her dolls goodnight", we mean her daddy does it for she can learn these important figures in World History!

*Baby G said "Jayhawk" for the first time today. She's been pointing out all Jayhawks for months now...but now she can say it.

*Not sure what "up-tee" or "go-gay" means...but Baby G sez those things allll the time!

*Baby G now taking her first at-home nap without any bottle-related assistance. So good. :)

*Baby G calls watermelons "ball". :D

*Baby G likes to help with laundry and picking up trash!

*Too many developments at 15 months! Getting shots! Finding out Baby G is in the 90th-ish percentile of height! Making roaring sounds when you say "lion"! Starting to bring books to Mommy when she asks for them by name! Walking hand-in-hand downtown with Daddy! Trying mushrooms and liking them! Trying watermelon and not liking it! Baby G mimics the dances on Yo Gabba! Baby G sings along with songs in the car sometimes, too! So much going on, development-wise! :)

*Baby G really wants to drink like a big girl these days, insisting on drinking from Mom/Dad's cup or glass, regardless of how wet everything gets...since only about 5% of the water makes it into her mouth.

*Baby G has started feeding the older, slower, dumber of the two dogs by hand. Gross and cute at the same time. Dogspit.

*Baby G is totally hand-feeding our dumber/slower/older/gentler dog as often as possible. Two days in a row!

*Baby G has discovered toast...and she likes it! Daddy now shares ALL his breakfast items now!

*Baby G is all about mimicry right now, at 15 months! Mimics cellphone using, shushing, and lion/bear/gator sounds! :)

*This morning Baby G used her fork completely by herself for the first time ever! Banana on plate, then fork, then in mouth! Success!

*Thursday downtown with Baby G was fun! We shopped for Mother's Day gifts and she ended up picking out two kitty-related items for her Mommy! Yay, shopping local! :)

*A day in the life of Baby G: Wake up. Say "Hi" to someone within earshot. Do it about a million more times throughout the day. Go to sleep. Rinse and repeat!

*Oh goodie! It's Mommy-Baby Day! Every Tuesday!

*Baby G will dance at the drop of a hat. All she has to do is hear a little beat or music and she's off! She's got the rhythm!

*Baby G is really into being chased around the house by Daddy right now! It's giving him quite a workout!

*Baby G has discovered car/truck toys! In fact, her cousin's "lost" monster truck is now part of the mix! :)

*Favorite things? Pretending everything is a cellphone & babbling into it. Also, giving baby kisses, open-mouthed like a fish! :)

*Baby G is into saying "No" in response to everything right now instead of "Yah". Trying out our words, eh?

If you're capable of doing all of these things in one month, I can't wait to see what next month brings!