Thursday, May 31, 2012

Panhandle Cookie Company update!

Wow kiddo, things are really picking up quickly!

In the scant amount of time since I even mentioned my cookie business (your college fund), I've received two large orders for major events, shipped my first batch of test cookies, and been approached by a friend of mine about building a website to receive orders/payments!  Things look like they may get big pretty quickly, which means mama has to figure out how to balance all parts of her life so she doesn't overbook herself!

Here's the thing... I want this cookie endeavor to be successful because I want all of the things for you that I mentioned in my other post.  BUT!!  I don't want to spend too much time away from you and your daddy doing this business because I cannot overlook how important my time is with you NOW while trying to plan for your future.  Knowing this, I know that there is a certain finite amount of time that I can devote to this project without losing track of the other important things in my life.  Right now, I have NO idea where this fine line resides.  It will probably take me getting in at least slightly over my head a couple of times before I figure out what I can logically handle.

Until then, I am giddy with excitement that things are going so well so far!  I will be opening your savings account soon with your first deposit to get things going!  After that, I will deposit the previous month's worth of earnings at the end of each month.  Your dad and I are also collecting all of our pocket change to deposit into your account, too.  That may not seem like much, but it all adds up over time and right now, with you being just 15 months old, we have a lot of time on our side to do this right!

By the time you get around to reading this you will probably be so darned tired of this cookie thing you'll maybe never want to see another cookie again!  You'll be like, "mom... quit bringing cookies and business cards to all of my parties!  It's sooooo embarrassing!"  Or, maybe you'll understand the implications of everything being done and you'll don your adorable Hello Kitty apron (that I'm going to commission for you from my talented friend Bethany) and hand out samples and cards with me!  I hope it is the latter as I want to share all of this experience with you and also help you feel like you're earning your own way in life, too.  

More to come!

Cookie ticker!