Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to The Giggly Girl Diaries!

Hello and welcome to The Giggly Girl Diaries (hereby known as GGD because my fingers are lazy)!

Our Baby G was born February 11th of 2011 and I'm just now starting a legit blog to capture my thoughts and feelings. Why so late? Raising a child is CRAAAAAYZEEEEE busy work! In reality, I've spent most of this last year (OMG, really? Has it REALLY almost been a whole year?) coming up with life-long traditions to thrust up on my child as she grows up into the amazing woman she will become. I had a great plan to blog about my experiences raising her, but regular life just sort of got in the way. Well, I'm not going to let her entire childhood fly by without committing to a narrative of our life experiences so my new motto is: Better Late Than Never, Right?


I called this blog Giggly Girl Diaries because Baby G is a broken record of giggles, which usually send her daddy and I into giggle fits of our own. She has the most awesome, contagious, hilarious laugh I've ever heard! I'll do my best to get a recording of it to post on the blog sometime.

This blog will spend part of the time focusing on the things that are happening "in the now" and part of the time will be spent retrospectively as I remember back on the first year of Baby G's life. If things look like they are bouncing out of order, check the title of each entry. I will try to make it as clear as possible.

Thank you for checking out our blog! I can't wait to start this process and meet fun and exciting families in the process!

Oh... and I suppose I should put up a picture of Baby G, right? Behold! The cuteness!

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