Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Year... New mom: Update!

Well, if you remember correctly, mama is trying her hardest to drop the weight she gained while she was pregnant with you.

If you also remember, I had successfully lost over 100 lbs back in 2009/2010 using the Metabolic Research Center diet program and hadn't quite made it to my original goal weight by the time I discovered we were having you (I was about 20 lbs away from where I wanted to ultimately end up). Over the course of my pregnancy, I gained back nearly 80 lbs of that 100 I had lost! Right out of the hospital I dropped about 40 of those pounds in about three weeks (20 lbs lost in the 3 day stay at the hospital alone!)

I was happy to lose all that weight at the time, but I realize now that the original 20 lbs was made up of your weight plus the weight of all the amniotic fluid and some of my own water weight and the next 20 lbs was lost due to losing the remainder of my water weight PLUS only eating granola bars and pop-tarts once a day for three weeks. I was so tired and not-hungry for the first month after you were born that I MAYBE took in 500-700 calories on any given day. Looking back on that, it was AWFUL because I wasn't eating enough to make good milk supplies for you, which is part of why breastfeeding failed, I believe. If I had to do it all over again, I would do so many things differently.

I gained that 40 lbs back over the course of your first year of life until I was back up to my highest PREGNANCY weight... and I sure as heck wasn't pregnant! I didn't make it back up to my all-time highest weight, but only because I finally buckled down and did something about it before I got there again. I re-joined MRC on January 27th with the hopes that I will drop 115 lbs altogether to get down to even lower than my original goal used to be. If I lose more than that, even better! My non-scale goal is to get to my goal weight before you have a chance to remember me being overweight. I know we'll have pictures to prove I was, but I hope you look at those pictures and barely recognize me at some point. I don't want to be a bad influence on you and let my own issues get transferred to you. This is my way of making my life better by trying to keep you from experiencing what I've experienced as an overweight person for the majority of my life.

As of today, April 4th 2012, I have lost 30 lbs of the 115 lbs I want to lose! That means I am 26% of the way to my goal; over 1/4 of the way there! Here are some examples of things that weigh 30 lbs:

30 lbs of watermelon!
30 lbs of ugly fish!

30 lbs of delicious bacon!

And you... little girl... don't even weigh 30 lbs yet! That means whenever I carry you around now, I STILL don't weigh as much with you as I weighed without you back in late January!

Mama is doin' it, kiddo! I know you can't say it yet, but I'm pretty sure you're proud of me! Hee hee...


  1. AWESOME!!! You're doing great - and Baby G will start bragging soon about how she's got the hottest mom on the block. Rawr!